Aeropress Brewing Ideas

Aeropress Brewing Ideas

The Aeropress can be as simple or as complicated as you want. It has a lot of third-party accessories and competitions for special recipes, but it can also just make a quick, nice cup of coffee. In order to get coffee to extract into water you can use time, heat, and/or pressure. If you just use time, you get cold brew, and it takes hours. Add temperature, and you can do most manual brews in minutes. Espresso uses all three and has you down to seconds. While it’s debatable whether you can make espresso in an Aeropress, it does use all three to make coffee in a hurry. 


Some recipes will have you make really concentrated coffee and then dilute it with hot water afterwards. You will also see recipes referred to as ‘standard’ and ‘inverted.’ Standard means that you fill the brewer with the filter attached and toward the bottom. Inverted means that the plunger is inserted and that you fill from the filter side. [pics]

Here is a good, basic recipe that uses the inverted method and doesn’t require dilution after brewing. 

What you need:

Aeropress cylinder, plunger, screen

Filter (paper or metal)

Kettle (195℉-205℉)

Hexagonal Funnel

Cup or vessel for coffee

Gram Scale 



How to brew:

Ratio: 1:12

Grind: Fine, a little finer than for a v60

Time: 1 minute 15 seconds

1. Place a paper filter in the plastic screen and rinse it with hot water.  Check that the filter is level and covering the bottom of the plastic screen. 

2. Insert the plunger so that it is just coming into contact with the 4 circle. 

Make sure the top of the brewer is level.

3. Add 20g of coffee through the hexagonal funnel. Remove grounds from the funnel and place it into your mug. 

4. Tare your scale to 0g, start your timer, and add 40g water, then stir. Let sit 20 seconds, then add 200g water. 

5. This should fill the brewer entirely. If you’re using a dark roast, getting this much water in might be difficult, but do your best.

6. At one minute screw the filter cap on, flip over onto the hexagonal funnel over your mug, and press. This should take 15-20 seconds. Once you hear the hiss, you know you’re done. 

7. Place the aeropress aside. You can compost the grounds and the filter. 

8. Enjoy your coffee! 


Notes about the brewer:

Everything fits together. The hexagonal funnel is made to fit the brewer without slipping. The stir stick can scrape the sides and the bottom at the same time. 

You can buy a reusable metal filter. These don’t provide as much clarity in the cup since the metal lets more silt through than paper. But it does reduce waste and the need to buy more filters.


Things to try:

There is so much to experiment with here! Experiment with time, temperature, and amount of water you add as you brew and after! 


Be sure to:

When you purge the coffee from the brewer into the compost or trash, do not absentmindedly throw the plastic filter screen away. It is best to remove the plastic screen and push the puck through with the plunger.


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