Events and Collaborations


Due to COVID-19 all in person events have been canceled and our indoor seating is closed until further notice.  

Part of our mission at Vertex is to be a safe, welcoming, and inviting community space. 

We will hope to share our space with you again very soon!

Sustainability Sunday: Wellness Crawl

First Saturday (Pay What Can) 

The first Saturday of every month we use a Pay What you Can model.  Pay more or less than our regular prices no questions asked.  

Each month we pick a different non-profit to support.  All proceeds from the day go to the non-profit of the month. 

Here are the organizations we have supported: 

June: The Bail Project @bailproject

July: Marsha P. Johnson Institute @mpjinstitute

August: Association on American Indian Affairs @associndianaffairs

September: Detroit Justice Center @detroitjusticecenter

October: LiNK @ UMich @linkumich

December: Fair Fight @fairfightaction

Please reach out if you would like to know specific amounts donated or if you have ideas of organizations to support! 

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Virtual Coffee Lessons

Do you have a question about coffee? Want to learn more about topics including, but not limited to, specific brewing methods, sensory and tasting skills, extraction and brewing techniques? Sign up for one-on-one and specialized virtual coffee lessons planned just for you! 

When you sign-up we will contact you via email to plan a time and virtual meeting platform that works best for you. 

One Lesson | 30 minutes | $15

Five Lesson Pack | 30 minutes each | $65

Ten Lesson Pack | 30 minutes each | $135

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