Events and Collaborations


Due to COVID-19 all in person events have been canceled and our indoor seating is closed until further notice.  

Part of our mission at Vertex is to be a safe, welcoming, and inviting community space. 

We will hope to share our space with you again very soon!

Planting Party! 

Join us October 9 between 10am and 2pm to pot a plant in a Vertex mug. This event will be located on the Vertex Patio. Masks are required inside the shop.


Sign up for this event on our website!


We are very excited to collaborate with @fleurplantshop for this event.


The Vertex mugs were a faulty batch for drinking so we are re-purposing them as plant pots! They will have a hole in the bottom for drainage.


$20/person (includes: planting the plant of your choice in a Vertex mug (pictured) and your choice of coffee!)

Virtual Coffee Lessons

Do you have a question about coffee? Want to learn more about topics including, but not limited to, specific brewing methods, sensory and tasting skills, extraction and brewing techniques? Sign up for one-on-one and specialized virtual coffee lessons planned just for you! 

When you sign-up we will contact you via email to plan a time and virtual meeting platform that works best for you. 

One Lesson | 30 minutes | $15

Five Lesson Pack | 30 minutes each | $65

Ten Lesson Pack | 30 minutes each | $135