French Press Brewing Ideas

If you like a lot of body in your coffee, then this is a great option. Since the coffee is filtered through a mesh screen, rather than a paper filter, you get more coffee in your coffee. The extra oils and sediment that get through will help give you a robust cup, though it will tend to cover over any delicate qualities your coffee might have. This is one of the simplest methods.

What you need:

French Press

Kettle (A Gooseneck Kettle will allow for more pouring precision.) 

Gram Scale


How to brew:

Grind size: Coarse

Starting ratio: 1:15 

Time: 4 mintues

1. Heat the french press with hot water, and then empty it.

2. Add your ground coffee, tare your scale to 0g

3. Pour the water over it to the desired weight (195℉-205℉), start your timer, then put the lid on.

4. Press very gently just enough to submerge all grounds.

5. At 4 minutes press gently the rest of the way.

6. Serve and enjoy! 

Things to try:

Does blooming the coffee change anything?

Is the flavor different if your water is just below boiling vs 205 degrees?

How does adjusting the ratio affect the flavor?


Be sure to:

Clean the mesh screen after use

Set a timer so that you don’t accidentally brew your coffee for thirty minutes after walking away from it