Our Story and Our Team



At Vertex Coffee Roasters we strive to honor the entire coffee process and the people involved by serving high quality coffee and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.  We care about sharing and committing to zero waste practices, ushering opportunities for creativity and the arts, providing space for public events (although not during COVID times), and bringing communities together alongside providing high quality coffee.  

Meet Our Team

Our Story

Kara (she/her) ,co-owner and operator of Vertex Coffee Roasters, taught K-8 music and studied voice performance before stepping full time into the coffee industry.  She is a calm optimist, zero waste lifestyle striver, and is very motivated to further her knowledge of coffee and people. 

Mackenzie (she/her), co-owner at Vertex and Kara's wife, did all the wood work you see on the walls at Vertex and is great at fixing things. She works full time as a music teacher in Livonia. She loves dad jokes and taking care of @luminosityfarms with Kara. Mackenzie cares so deeply about people and Vertex is lucky to have her.

Ian (he/him) is a fantastic coffee professional and coffee expert. He has a great palate and an inviting presence. Ian likes photography, cooking, and reading social theory.  He loves creating new and creative drinks combinations.

Heather (she/her) is an experienced barista whose eclectic interests have given her the opportunity to delve into artisan coffee and work towards lifting our local community through art, music, and caffeinated beverages. You can often find her singing along to folk rock, reading comics, doodling, and playing with her cats.

Celine (she/her) is an undergraduate student, history nerd, and avid runner. She enjoys listening to folk and French music, watching movies, and a great cup of coffee. Celine loves learning and interacting with new people! 

Cassidy (she/her) bio and picture to come. 






1335 S. University Ave

Ann Arbor, Michigan 49104



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Current Cafe Hours: (Indoor to-go service. No indoor seating.)

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm