Our Story and Our Team



At Vertex Coffee Roasters we strive to honor the entire coffee process and the people involved by serving high quality coffee and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.  We care about sharing zero waste, ushering opportunities for creativity and the arts, providing public events, and bringing communities together alongside providing high quality coffee.  

Meet Our Team

Our Story

Matt Bjurman (he/him) and Kara Huckabone (she/her) met when Kara moved to Milan, Michigan and started buying coffee from Milan Coffee Works. Kara started working for Matt as Director of Coffee and Education at Milan Coffee Works about a year and a half after meeting Matt. Both Kara and Matt taught in the public schools and then transitioned to working in coffee (albeit at different times). Matt, owner and roaster for Milan Coffee Works and Vertex Coffee Roasters, taught special education and brings a calm and innovative spirit to the world of coffee. Kara, owner and operator of Vertex Coffee Roasters, taught music and is a calm optimist and very motivated to further her knowledge of coffee and  people. Kara and Matt are thrilled to work together to create a welcoming and innovative coffee space in the Ann Arbor community.

Mackenzie (she/her) is also a co-owner at Vertex and Kara's wife.  Mackenzie did all the wood working you see on the walls at Vertex and is great at fixing things. She works full time as a music teacher in Livonia. She loves dad jokes and taking care of @luminosityfarms with Kara. Mackenzie cares so deeply about people and Vertex is lucky to have her.

Sarah (they/them) is a badass barista and coffee roaster who loves bright colors and their dog, Phoebe. We are so excited to have their calm and welcoming spirit on our team. Sarah is a coffee expert and incredibly hard worker. 

Ian (he/him) is a fantastic coffee professional and coffee expert. He has a great palate and an inviting presence. Ian likes photography, cooking, and reading social theory.  He loves creating new and creative drinks combinations.

Kat (she/her) is a kind and gentle presence at Vertex. She pays attention to detail and cares deeply about coffee she serves. She is a poet, artist, and cares about zero waste. Welcome to the team, Kat!

Grey (they/them) is vibrant, creative, and kind.  They also just wrote and performed a powerful and beautiful opera and can make some rad coffee.  A few things about Grey: "My second favorite shape is an equilateral triangle that has one of its points removed so it's now a kind of sad trapezoid, I'm an an opera nerd, I love making Hot Toddy's, I'm a big fan of natural red wines, and I write music about trees." 

Photo: Kelsea Joy Photography

Photo: Kara Huckabone

Photo: Kara Huckabone

Photo: Kara Huckabone


Photo: Grey Grant

1335 S. University Ave

Ann Arbor, Michigan 49104



Fall Hours: 

Monday - Friday | 7:30a-6p

Saturday - Sunday | 9a-4p