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Here we are - our team, looking ahead, and a zero waste idea!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Vertex has been open about a month and a half and it has been a wonderful whirlwind. Our grand opening was full of life! We hosted Bhakti flowers, Blue Root Naturals, Common Cycles, and multiple musicians; Conner Darling, Daniel Cotter, and Slap Slap.

Three amazing individuals have joined our team. Here is a little more information about everyone. This was a recent instagram post...

Meet Our Team! Here is a little information about who you may be seeing around Vertex!

🌼Sarah is a badass barista who loves bright colors and her dog. We are so excited to have her calm and welcoming spirit on our team. Sarah is a coffee expert and incredibly hard worker. @sarah.hise

🌾Ian is a fantastic coffee professional. He has a great palate and an inviting presence. Ian likes photography, cooking, and reading social theory.

🐔Mackenzie fixes and builds things at Vertex. She also works full time as a music teacher. She loves dad jokes and taking care of @luminosityfarms with Kara. Mackenzie cares so deeply about people and Vertex is lucky to have her.@maxthemacks

☀️Keet is a kind soul and an excellent coffee professional. He is a California native, a graphic designer, and whisky enthusiast. Chat with him about his dog named Wes Anderson. @keetveylupek, we are so excited that you are part of the team!

💃Matt is our coffee roaster extraordinaire. He loves talking about bikes, records, jazz music, and Vans shoes. Matt not only runs @milancoffeeworks and co-owns Vertex, but also is a dad and husband.

🐄 Kara loves cows, flowers, and caring for the earth. You'll see her behind the bar most mornings at Vertex! She also does the behind the scenes operations. She loves to chat about zero waste and chickens. @khuckabone

Looking ahead:

Milk + Honey is popping-up at Vertex this Saturday, August 3 from 9am-12pm. Rachel, the owner and operator, stopped by today to pick up some coffee for a cardamom cake! All items will be gluten free and delicious!

The Caffeine Crawl is returning to Ann Arbor and we are excited to be a stop on the caffeinated route. Look for more information at

We still have a few weeks left of summer, but we are also looking forward to the fall with cooler temperatures, changing colors, and students returning to town. Ian is working on creating a special fall time latte. Stay tuned for more details about our specials and future events!

Zero Waste Idea:

If your planner coincides with the school year consider using an online calendar and planner. If you love having something to write on look for a planner made from recycled materials and compost or recycle the planner when you are done using. You can also make your own planner with recycled paper and a up-cycled cover. For the cover you can use things like an old cereal box, an old planner cover, or used birthday cards. Be creative!

Thank you, Ann Arbor! We are so excited to have the opportunity to serve you coffee!


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