Zero Waste

Almost a decade ago Kara started reading about ways to live a lifestyle that produces less waste.  She started by taking on a challenge to buy nothing new for a year.  She learned the hard way that it is important to take baby steps to change your entire lifestyle.  After slowly transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle and she and Mackenzie try their best to live a life of producing less waste.


We are excited to implement some of those ideas at Vertex Coffee Roasters while providing opportunities for the community to participate. 


Photo: Kelsea Joy Photography

  • Providing reusable options like cutlery, straws, cups, and to go tins.

  • We sell retail coffee beans by the ounce!  We offer tins and jars for the beans. Pick your container and the kind of beans you would like to purchase.  You pay a deposit and return the container at a later date or you can keep the tin for the deposit price! 

  • No paper towels or napkins- we have cloth roll towels and cloth napkins for you to use in house or handkerchiefs to buy and to continue using!  

  • Some other ideas to produce less waste: like using a menstrual cup and reusable pads instead of tampons and disposable pads, carry a water bottle, carry a reusable food container for leftovers at a restaurant.  


A Few Ways Vertex Coffee Roasters is producing less waste...

1335 S. University Ave

Ann Arbor, Michigan 49104


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Current Cafe Hours: (Indoor to-go service. No indoor seating.)

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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