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Zero Waste


Photo: Kelsea Joy Photography

About a decade ago Kara started reading about ways to live a lifestyle that produces less waste.  She started by taking on a challenge to buy nothing new for a year.  She learned the hard way that it is important to take baby steps to change your entire lifestyle.  After slowly transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle and she and Mackenzie try their best to live a life of producing less waste.


We are excited to implement some of those ideas at Vertex Coffee Roasters while providing opportunities for the community to participate. 


A Few Ways Vertex Coffee Roasters is producing less waste...

Composting and Compostable Items

Due to COVID-19 we have transitioned to using more compostable single use items.  When it is safe we will use ceramic wares again! 

Our retail coffee bags are backyard compostable! Simply remove the valve on the bag of the bag and the tin tie.  The sticker and bag are compostable. 

All of our to-go cups, lids, and straws are compostable in a facility.  If you do not have access please return your cups and we will get them composted! 

We compost all of our coffee grounds and any food waste in the cafe.



Reuse and Reduce

Here are a few examples of how we reduce and reuse! 

We offer retail coffee beans by the ounce!   Bring your own clean container and pick the kind of beans you would like to purchase.  

We use roll towels in the bathrooms and behind the bar instead of paper towels.  The roll towels run through a dispenser to provide a clean towel to dry hands after washing. 

We use large bins to keep our coffee instead of single use bags. 

We encourage customers to bring their own travel mug for their drink.  Right now we do not bring the mug behind the counter, but instead fill it safely on the bar with a clean pitcher.  The pitcher is cleaned between uses.  


Anything we cannot compost we try to recycle including alternative milk containers and any boxes. 

We are also a Soft Plastics Collecting Station.  We collect soft plastics and deliver them to the A2 Recycling Drop Off Station.  You can learn more here.

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